Fine Granite and Marble Slabs in the GTA from GTA Stone Specialists

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Fine Granite and Marble Slab in the GTA from GTA Stone Specialists

There are many, many sources for fine granite and marble slab in the GTA for countertops in the Greater Toronto Area. However, not all sources for stone slab can give you what you need. Choose your stone supplier carefully and make sure you get the countertops you deserve.

The Quick and Easy Option

New technologies for quarrying and finishing fine stone that were developed over the past three decades have resulted in more stone than ever before being extracted and shipped. Prices of granite and marble slab have never been lower, and more and more outlets are offering fine stone. Some franchise hardware stores now offer a limited selection of stone slab countertops, and even Kijiji lists stone slabs!
Selecting a stone supplier because it’s close to home, cheap or simple to order from is like opting to eat fast food. You don’t spend much time thinking about it, you end up with a product that fills a gap, but you also have a lingering feeling that you could have made a better choice.

Fine Stone Suppliers

However, as with most purchases, you would do well to consider the source of your stone slab. In the GTA, there are several distributors of fine granite and marble slab in the GTA who specialize in fine granite and marble. These specialists offer you two great advantages:
  • Selection. Suppliers that specialize in fine stone often maintain large showrooms that you can visit in order to choose your slab. You will be amazed to see the various types of granite and marble that are available to you! Most of us are familiar with classic white-with-black-accents Carrara marble or black-with-white-flecks granite. But fine stone is available in a rainbow array of colours, from vibrant turquoise with gold flecks, to rosy pink with bold burgundy patterns; from lemon yellow streaked with orange, to deep forest green with creamy swirls – and thousands of other combinations. Whether you prefer subtle stone in a neutral shade or something colourful and dramatic, you will find the perfect match. Fine stone is nature’s art – and each slab is unique. Personalize your home by choosing the slab that is just right for your style and aesthetic.
  • Knowledge. A stone supplier that has been in business for decades will have expertise to share and advice that can be invaluable. Some stone distributors are family-owned enterprises with a tradition of sourcing their own stone. Talk to company representatives to find out where the granite and marble they sell comes from, and you may find that they have a personal relationship with the managers of quarries in India, Brazil, Ireland and Quebec. Some stone specialists travel the world to source the very best stone. In addition, specialist suppliers can help you with questions that will inevitably crop up. What’s the best way to keep the slab from staining? What thickness would be best for my counter? How can I match two slabs at a corner? What is the best finish for my lifestyle? What sort of edging would look best with my décor? A fine stone supplier will have answers for all of your questions.
Find a stone specialist and visit the company’s showroom. Find the perfect fine granite and marble slab in the GTA for your home countertop!